BODYARMOR drinks to cross fitters

Please read thoroughly on the materials given. It is a marketing analysis for BODYARMOR sports drink company, which we are trying to focus on the electrolytes drink. Try to be specific as possible and do not be wide. Our target market will be cross-fitters (further information on the files attached). Please help in making the SWOT, competitive analysis, and SMART objectives only. I have attached what I have so far and please feel free to change and edit out the target market and SWOT analysis to make it more presentable. The SWOT analysis was pretty bad and you should change it to make it more specific and narrow.
NOTE: I only need SWOT, competitive analysis, and SMART Objectives.
2-3 page for SWOT, 1 page each for competitive analysis and SMART objectives.

Competitive Analysis

Examine the main competitors serving the same target market. This section may also benefit from the use of comparison tables. (Length: 3-4 pages).
• Describe direct competitors in terms of:
o Target markets served
o Product attributes
o Pricing
o Promotion
o Distribution including the distributor network
o Services offered
• Discuss competitor’s strengths and weaknesses:
o May need to consider much more than just marketing issues such as:
? financial standing
? target market perception
? R & D capabilities
• Discuss competitive trends:
o May need to include discussion of future competitive threats

Natural Flavors Natural ingredients Coconut based water Partnerships
Coco vita water

What we (Bodyarmor) have and they (competitors) don’t have?

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