Book Reviews Writing

What is a Book Review?


In the realm of academics, it is not uncommon to be asked to conduct a review of a book or literature review, or any other review of any form of article or writing for that matter. A review of a book does not just provide concise summary of a books contents, but rather your professor will require you to provide personal opinion and criticism of the book in question, or your personal appraisal of the book. Most students might confuse criticizing with fault finding or simply mentioning the advantages and disadvantages of the book.  This is however not the case. Book review, in most cases, requires critical analysis of the book’s contents, paying close attention to the author’s or the book’s salient points. You could expressly be asked to analyze the books style or even relevance, merit or content. Clearly, an adequate review of a book requires analytical skills, not mentioning in-depth knowledge and understanding of the contents of the book in question.


A golden opportunity

When asked to write a book review, it is usually an opportunity that has been provided by your professor to come up with a critical discussion and an independent response about the book, or any academic literature for that matter. A combination of reading and analytical skills are essential,  and a page to page understanding of the book will go a long way in making your review truly concrete, and arguments bold and unique. Never mind in case you may not have the time and energy to go through it alone. And why go through it alone anyway when can help you review any book for you promptly, regardless of how voluminous the book is.


When asked to do a review, it could be of:


  • An academic journal
  • Periodicals
  • Electronic books
  • Any written piece of work


An excellent analysis requires that all academic standards expected of such type of writing are highly put into consideration including

  • Proof of mastery the content
  • Evidence of applied reasoning, judgment ant analysis
  • Logical and fair presentation of the arguments


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