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The prospectus is the capstone proposal that details the goals and expectations for your project. It contains information including the project plan, expectations, rationale, methods, timelines, and proposed outcomes. It is essential that the prospectus is approved prior to starting the project itself. This protects you by providing a common, agreed-upon goal.

The IT Capstone Waiver-Release Form: Complete and submit with your Capstone work.

The IT Capstone Employer Release Template: Complete this form to obtain authorization if your Capstone project is based upon or includes restricted information. Submit this form with your Capstone work.


Develop a prospectus for your project in which you complete the following:

A. Summarize in an abstract the important prospectus points. Include the following points:
1. Business/IT problem under investigation
2. Plan
3. Research methodology
4. Implementation proposal
5. Proposed outcomes

B. Summarize in an introduction the capstone’s highlights. Include the following:
1. The scope of the project
2. Your rationale for choosing this project
3. A problem statement
4. The background of the problem
5. The need for this solution
6. Your reasons for the chosen approach
7. The organization of the prospectus

C. Summarize in a business statement or an IT problem statement the components of the problem. Include the following:
1. Background information of the problem
2. Causes of the problem
3. Business impacts of the problem
4. Cost analysis

Note: The cost analysis should deal with the costs of the implementation of the solution, not the costs incurred because of the problem.

5. Risk analysis

Note: The risk analysis should deal with the risks of the implementation of the solution, not the risks incurred because of the problem.

6. Assumptions about the problem
7. Limitations of the problem
8. Technical terms used in the statement

D. Explain why a technology solution is needed.
1. Discuss the business drivers (i.e., important and relevant business factors).
a. Justify the importance of the business drivers.
2. Discuss what could happen if no technology solution were implemented.
3. Justify the technology solution within business priorities.

E. When you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.

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