reading on The Seventh Commandment. It will be pages 577 590 in the actual Catechism. Navigate to page 594-595 in the online shell at the top of the page after you click on the link. The paragraph numbers in the text are 2401 to 2463.URL:
1. What are the key points regarding human dignity and economic philosophy/activity from the 7th Commandment reading? (your answer should contain 3 important points from the reading and why you believe your points are important) (1 page – 1 ½ space)
Read the attachment The problems of Ethics – Colson ( 1 page – 1 ½ space)
2. Colson talks in several places about the need for transcendent values, or absolute truths in order to have what we would consider “ethical behavior.” Do you agree? Why or why not? Title your comment with some short synopsis of your position or comment and expound in the body.

3. Colsons give perspectives on whether people fundamentally want to and are capable of doing “the right thing” or not. What is your thought on this question and why? What does your answer to the question mean in trying to achieve an ethical society?

The Problem of Ethics By Charles W. Colson,
Chairman, Prison Fellowship Ministries

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