College Students on Alcohol abuse

choose a topic of his/her choice and write a four to six (4-6) page research paper on that topic. The topic might be a specific topic related to alcohol use or alcoholism that you wish to explore further, something related to alcohol and society, such as underage drinking, something related to alcoholism and the family such as adult children of alcoholics or codependency, something related to treatment, such as alternatives to the 12 step model, alcohol use and special client populations. or anything else relevant to the material covered in this course. Please email me with your ideas if you are unsure of a topic. You may use either APA or MLA style of documentation. A minimum of four (4) references should be included in this final paper.

Instructions for Written Assignment

In all written assignments, you are expected to prepare a well developed essay in response to the question posed. It is important that you understand the concept of an essay in order to prepare your assignment. You may answer questions posed or discussion topics in whatever format you choose. However, the written assignments will only be accepted in essay form.

An essay is a narrative response consisting of the following:

1. A topic sentence identifying your premise for responding to the question

2. A Paragraph illustrating your first point

3. A Paragraph illustrating your second point

4. A Paragraph illustrating your third point

5. Paragraphs to make your other point [s]

5. A conclusion summarizing your initial premise and subsequent ideas

The format suggested above is an outline for a typical essay. You may use other forms that are familiar to you. Please do not respond to written assignments with a one paragraph summary or a listing of your ideas. The written assignments are an important component of your grade. Please adhere to these guidelines. If you are confused, please let me know and I will assist in whatever way I can.

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