You will post a response of at least 400 words on the topic presented below. Your thread must reveal an in-depth exploration of the question in a comprehensive answer reflecting specific concepts and principles.

Assigned Question:
Earley states, “God does nothing in ministry apart from prayer.” Certainly God responds to His servants when they pray, but is Earley’s statement too encompassing and simplistic? Does God act only in concert with His servants’ prayers? Must He wait until prayer occurs, or is God free to act as He chooses?
Discuss and support your answer well; include additional source information as necessary. Use parenthetical reference to cite your sources

Required Reading:
Spurgeon, Charles. Lectures to My Students. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 1979. ISBN: 9780310329114.
( Chapters 12, 14–15, 21, 24)

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