Dietary assessment and the reliability of nutritional epidemiology research reports

Critiques should be about 2 pages in length, double-spaced, 1” margins.

Heading (Title, Your Name, Date)
Complete APA Citation of Article

~250 words- In your own words:
• Briefly describe the purpose of study
• Identify the research questions (is there a null hypothesis?)
• Methodology: provide concise description of actions taken and methods used
• Discuss results/findings and lessons learned
• DO NOT quote the article- use your own words.

In complete sentences and flowing verse, analyze and answer the below questions based on the journal article. Where you can relate the information in the article to additional research resources be sure to cite the additional sources in APA format, also you need to cite references at the end.
Not every article will address each of these points. Sometimes what IS NOT in the article is as important as what IS in the article. If the authors do not address some of these items, then in your article critique it should say that the authors of the article do not address and identify what they do not address.
1. The Problem
Is the problem clearly stated?
Is the problem practically important?
What is the purpose of the study?
What is the hypothesis?
Are the key terms defined?
Limitations of the study?
How would you characterize this article (practical philosophical, a review, description of a program or curriculum, educational)?
2. Review of Literature
Are the cited sources pertinent to the study?
Is the review too broad or too narrow?
Are the references recent?
Describe the central program, concept, or theme of the article.
Describe any supporting concepts or themes.
3. Design and procedures
What research methodology was used?
Was it a replica study or an original study?
What measurement tools were used?
How were the procedures structured?
Was a pilot study conducted?
What are the variables?
How was sampling performed?
Are the study design and methods appropriate for the purposes of the study?
4. Data Analysis and presentation
How was data analyzed?
Was data qualitative or quantitative?
Did findings support the hypothesis and purpose?
Were weaknesses and problems of the study discussed?
Do the researchers answer the proposed questions?
5. Conclusions and Implications
Are the conclusions of the study related to the original purpose?
Were the implications discussed?
Whom the results and conclusions will affect?
What recommendations were made?
Describe the author’s purpose in writing the article.
Did the author present strengths and weaknesses?
Did the author provide recommendations and/or criticisms?

Overall Assessment (Header)
What is your overall assessment of the article?
Were any ideas overemphasized or underemphasized?
Are the author’s statement’s clear? Challenge ambiguous statements. Suggest by examples how clarity can be achieved, but do not merely substitute your style for the author
Does the author answer the research questions? Does the author address the research questions in the data analysis?

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