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This is an essay on the CRAFT of writing. As you read the book, read it as a writer. This is not a book report. No plot summaries, no evaluations about how good or bad the book was, no general critical analysis.

In 3-4 pages (12point, Times Roman, Double Spaced #”d Pgs) write about an element of craft that Janet Burroway’s book “Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft” demonstrates effectively. It could address something you found particularly helpful or instructive in the book: Setting, Characterization. Dialogue, etc.

This book is thick. I don’t expect you to read the entire book. Just the chapter or two you will be writing the essay on. This will be your choice—I hope this will result in a more successful essay.

Please remember: This is not about what you think about the book. Basically, you’re setting up a line of inquiry and analysis about a specific aspect of craft,*not* writing about your emotional response to it.

No other references besides her own quotes and stories she uses in her own book are needed…but absolutely use her as a reference!

PS. There are many editions of this book. Not that it matters, but I have the 4th. Do make sure it is THIS book though. She has written a ton… Thanks so much!

Janet Burroway: “Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft”

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