Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Information Technology solutions vary. A goal of enterprise IT is to provide solutions to the entire organization. Conceptually, an EA framework is a context that provides both support and data access for daily operations and business processes. Customer-centric enterprises have a need for enterprise IT solutions, such as:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Supply Chain Management (SCM)
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Using the textbook and other resources, compose a paper that provides the following:

(a) a working definition of Enterprise Architecture (EA) including guidelines that focuse on the collaborative aspect of EA.

(b) a description of an application of EA. By citing a meaningful example, associate the core activity performed by an enterprise architect as it applies in real business.

(c) an example of risk management and a potential mitigation for a representative risk scenario.

In relation to these three enterprise IT solutions in a business-IT framework, provide

(d) an analysis the selection, implementation, and support for one of these solutions into real-world business-IT scenarios. Finally,

(e) an explanation about a selected solution (CRM or SCM or ERP) as it relates to IT infrastructure and integration of legacy system using middleware or as it related to a fit with business processes.

Please cite some diagrams in the paper, just like the diagrams in the attached sample papers. Also please follow the format of the sample paper. Thanks!!!

The Week 1 deliverable is a 2-3 page paper (per each person) in Word format which contains one or more diagram(s). Be sure to cite sources used. Upload as an attachment to week 1 drop-box. This first paper serves as a foundation for ideas in Week 2, 3 and 4.

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