Establihing and implementing plans for developing cooperative behaviour

assignment is in two parts. Part A needs to be a reflection and Part B needs to be an article.
Below is the outline for what needs to be done and included in both part A and part B to complete this assignment successfully.

Part A
Needs to have 2 references and be 250 words in length.
In the Learner Guide for this unit, you were asked to download copies of the following documents:
• Early Childhood Australia 2011, Code of ethics,

• Unicef 1996, A simplified version of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child,
Write a short reflection, on how these documents inform your role as an educator, both theoretically and practically.

Part B
Needs to have 3 references and be 300 words in length.
Write a short, easy-to-read article on a service’s approach to behaviour guidance for a family newsletter. The article should be suitable for an education and care service that cares for children aged 0 to 6 years.
The focus of your short article should be on ‘why we focus on positive behaviour guidance not punishment’. Your article should include:
• reflections on values and how these guide our understanding of appropriate and inappropriate behaviours
• how the service responds to behaviour incidents

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