Ethics WK 5 Case 11.4

How: The process of developing a case study:
• Define the objective of the case study
• Identify the important players within the organization, the “stakeholders”
• Identify other target groups of the organization, whether clients or suppliers
• State the official mission of the organization studied
• State the historical mission of the organization
• State the understood mission of the stakeholders in the organization
• Scale the importance of stakeholders, whether in decision-making or effect of consequences
• Outline the formal decision-making process
• Note informal decision-making processes
• Identify the process of production or service delivery
• Identify support mechanisms
• Identify competitors
What is the organizational context of the profession or of competitors?
• State the major problem
• State subsequent problems and implications
• State the role of management
• State the role of production/service providers
• Identify strategic issues
• Identify decisions needed to be made
• Identify risk factors
• Identify historical precedents
• Define remedial options
• Compare options as regards pros and cons, theory, risk factors
• Make your recommendation and justify
• Write an executive summary focusing on key elements

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