Explain the Confucians: who are the ru (source: lectures, Yao)

The prompt, required readings and inclass notes will be attached shortly. I have been selected the question which is “Explain the Confucians: who are the ru (source: lectures, Yao).” The most important reminder is I have already written two pages!!!!!!! So please read the first short two pages and follow up the rest of the 3 requesting pages! Please do not delete or summarize the first written pages since the whole midterm is require to write 5-6 pages in total. The reason why I did not finish the whole paper is because I don’t have enough time to finish the whole paper. So it is a unfinished paper and need to be continued the rest of the three pages. Please please please keep this in mind!! I have to receive back the paper in total of 5 pages in 12hrs cuz the deadline is right after 12hrs. If the writer have any questions and concerns please call me ASAP instead of leaving me online messge. My phone number is: 310-948-5845. Last but not least, all cited info should be sticked with the Yao’s and the lecture notes! No outside resources please.

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