In what respects can some reality TV be said to offer insights, experiences or knowledge that cannot be offered by more traditional documentary forms

This is a Documentary, Real Lives and Reality TV subject area.

The question that needs to be answered is the question in the topic box.

This essay must include a case study. It requires you to engage in depth with either one filmmaker or 2 or 3 films to compare or a common theme/subject across one or two TV series. Please be sure that you don’t choose too many films or programmes as your essay will lose depth and/or become too descriptive.

Bellow is what the writer needs to consider while writing the essay to ensure I get the best grade possible:

• Have you tackled the issue in an appropriate way, methodologically and conceptually?
(eg. an historical approach, an in-depth case study to illustrate broader issues, an analysis of industry procedures, technology, practitioner interviews, and/or a textual analysis of two or more films)

• Have you developed an argument about your topic with a clear perspective of your own?

Your research

• What is the quality of your research and of your written presentation? How extensive is your independent research of relevant sources and the discussion of it? How appropriate is your research to the chosen issue? Has it been done systematically and in enough depth? Have you presented your research findings clearly? Are they interesting? Do you engage with them in a critical way? Have you used academic literature to help you analyse and think through their significance?

Your understanding of the relevant academic literature

• Have you outlined the arguments and ways of thinking used in the literature which has already covered your topic or which feed into your topic? Have you shown how you have understood key arguments in your reading built on these or criticised them in order to make your own points?

• Remember that critical engagement does not necessarily mean criticising a reading so much as responding to it, commenting on it and evaluating its strengths, weaknesses or usefulness for your own work.

Your Writing

• Have you written in a clear, accessible and enjoyable style? Have you used academic conventions – quotations, references, bibliography etc – in the course of your argument?

Remember to consider the following checklist as you are writing:

• How effective is your introduction?
• Have you identified the key issues clearly?
• Have you answered your question directly?
• Have you appraised your material critically?
• Have you foregrounded your own ideas?
• Is your argument presented coherently?
• Is the material organised tightly?
• Have you drawn on a wide range of sources?
• Is your argument well supported by evidence?
• Have you referenced your sources honestly and accurately?
• Have you checked for spelling mistakes and sentence structure?

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