introduction to the history of New Zealand Education

These are the instructions below.

The 1877 Education Act established a free, secular and compulsory education system provided by the New Zealand state. The two sections from the Act (below) relate to ideas about universal and compulsory education.

Write TWO paragraphs of 250 words each on the two sections of the Act quoted below. Your assignment will consist of 500 words in total, not including the quoted sections from the Act.

Quote the sections of the Act at the beginning. Explain why these sections were considered important at the time the Act was written. Identify and explain reasons for the exemptions to the compulsory requirement and why these exemptions existed.

All citations and referencing will be APA style. You do not need to reference the Education Act.

Two sections of the Act that refer to universal and compulsory education:

Section 89

“… the parent or guardian of every child not less than seven nor more than thirteen years of age shall, in case such child lives within the district of two miles measured according to the nearest road from a public school …, send such child to school for at least one half of the period in each year during which the school is usually open.”

Section 10

“Nothing in this Act shall be binding on any Maori; but any Maori shall be at liberty to send his children to a public school under this Act…”

The full 1877 Education Act is available at

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