Back ground ( total words 600 words)
You currently work for a very small but thriving organization ( hosipitality industry) (You may choose the type of organization that you wish to use for this project) that expects to grow at a very fast rate. Please discuss your proposed profession/organization with your trainer and answer all of the following questions.
Questions 1. Based on your research, predict growth and downsizing for your chosen profession according to labor requirements. What is the forecast for growth in your industry?
2. What diversity legislation should you be aware of? Complete a sample diversity plan for the organization.
3. As the organization has just started expanding, recommend the type of structure the organization should have and why?
4. What do you need to consider, when you review labor budgets? What type of staffing budget should you ask for the meet future needs?
5. What objectives should you use to modify or to retain the workforce? Why choose these objectives? Who are the stakeholders and how should objectives be communicated to them?
6. Turnover has been high recently. Develop a tool that can be used to assist in identifying the cause of high turnover rate. Come up with a recommendation on how to minimize the rate of turnover and its underlying causes. Define strategies to source skilled labor in your chosen field.
7. Using a flow chart, design a procedure to action objectives for training, re-deployment and redundancy within your chosen organization. What program(s) would you recommend your employer of choice to offer based on the current profession your organization is working in?
8. What possible areas of difficulty exist in your profession? Outline strategies as to how to overcome these problems from the external market.
9. Identify global trends or incidents that will have or do have an impact on Australia, and recommend changes based on those trends or incidents.

Instructions: Hospitality industry 880 words
Develop a workforce plan for an organization (you may choose an organization which you are familiar with) based on research of current staff turnover, staffing needs, external labor supply, labor supply trends and organizational policies.
Required format details: Times New Roman, font size 12, line spacing of 2.
1. A brief description of the organization, including the number of employees, the products or services it offers and any key features
1. Current workplace analysis
2. A contingency plan
3. Strategies for monitoring the plan
4. Strategies for evaluating the changes
5. Evidence to show worker satisfaction
6. Recommendations for improvement in workforce management
7. A workforce plan including workforce objectives/goals and strategies for managing:
• Recruitment
• Redundancies
• Redeployment
• Retirements
• Workforce diversity and cross-cultural management
• Industrial relations issue
8. Attachments that clearly show
• Data relating to staff turnover
• An assessment of current workforce needs
• A skills audit identifying current skills of workers
• Labor force analysis methods used to forecast labor supply trends (e.g. through historical data)
• A snapshot view of the diversity of current workforce
• Communication with senior management, such as reports or an application for support
• Communication with staff, such as an agenda for a meeting to discuss changes or a satisfaction survey.

Subject: Establish and Adjust the Marketing Mix
Case study: (800 words)


Read the attached case study on the DIESEL clothing brand. You must write a report analyzing the information contained in the DIESEL case study. You are required to give clear heading for each question.
1. Identify at least 2 key characteristics of the products and/or services found in the case study.
2. 2. Identify DIESEL’s target market and explain how each characteristic was important to their target market.
3. Please identify ONE pricing policy/strategy (e.g. Market-skimming, Penetrate pricing/low cost price strategy) which best describes the one used by DIESEL. Please also explain this pricing strategy. (approximately: 3 sentences)
4. Give an example of why you think DIESEL is using this policy and how it increases customer’s demand.
5. Identify two promotional methods which DIESEL used and explain its effects on customers.
6. Identify DIESEL’s channel of distribution. Do you believe that it is the right method? Explain why in 2 sentences.
7. Identify the level of customer service (e.g. how do they attract customers?).Sales assistance for problems and queries; after sales service.
8. Explain how the psychology of consumers is used in the marketing mix and explain how DIESEL sells their product based on the consumers.
9. Explain how each marketing mix work with each other to increase customer demand.

Price & Promotion:

Promotion & Place:
Product & Price & Promotion:

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