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Week 2: Exploring Our Values—Value Alignment
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In Week 1 of this Module 1 Discussion, you and your classmates had the opportunity to discuss your individual values and also those of Trident University.
Now in this Week 2 discussion, we will see how our personal values support or conflict with those of the institution.
Remember, after you submit your answer to the Discussion question itself this week, you also need to respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.
(In total for this module’s two-part Discussion Forum, you should have contributed at least two Discussion question posts and four response posts to your classmates.)
You MUST participate in BOTH Week 1 and Week 2 Discussions to get credit for this module’s Discussion.
Posting early each week will allow for more opportunities for leading the discussions, making substantial contributions, and engaging in meaningful and mutual discussions with others.
Week 2 Discussion Question:
In this second week you are asked to discuss values congruency:
(a) between ourselves and Trident, and
(b) between Trident and its environment.
• Read the class responses from Week 1. Discuss the alignment of University values with your personal values and those of the broader, higher education environment. (Think of the constituencies and stakeholders who interact with the University and what their interests and needs might be.)
• Some questions you may want to address include:
o What values most resonate with the way you think about your education as well as the values that reflect the University? What University values support relationships with the institution’s key constituencies?
o Does the University put its values into practice? How? Where does the University fall short in terms of aligning with your personal values? Where does the University fall short of aligning with the environment of higher education? What tensions may arise when the University values do not align with those of its environment?
o Are the University values uniquely American, or would they translate well into other cultures?
• Respond to posts by at least two of your classmates in the Second Week of the Module 1 discussion.
(40 minutes)
The exercise is adapted from AAPIP NGEC Organizational Fellowship Program

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