Midnight summer dream – Shakespeare

Here are some of the instructions. There are additional instructions on the two attachments.

Shakespeare recycled certain themes, or topics in his plays:
•Order vs. Disorder
•Appearances vs. Reality
•Love & Marriage
•Fate (or the influence of fairies) vs. Free Will

All of these topics are present in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Select one of the topics and craft a statement expressing what you believe the play teaches about that topic. This statement becomes your expression of the theme of the play.

•For example, if my topic was “revenge” I might use the events in a play to write “Revenge always punishes the one seeking revenge more than the one he or she means to take revenge on.”
Once you have your theme, go back through your study guides and through the play itself to identify events or lines that you can use to support your interpretation of events. This support will become the body of your essay.

Using the theme you have determined, compose an essay of at least 5 paragraphs (minimum 1,000 words) to explain how the theme is developed in the play. Your theme statement should appear in the introduction and is the thesis of this essay. Incorporate at least one quotation from the play in each of the body paragraphs. Make sure that each topic sentence relates back to the ideas in the thesis statement.

For more directions on writing about literature, go to the Purdue OWL (online writing lab). Be sure to follow the links on the left about the introduction, topics, and formatting. Finally, view this presentation on writing a literary analysis.

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