NIOSH Lifting Equation Activity

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A worker is lifting a box from a starting vertical height of 34 inches and placing the box at a vertical destination above the shoulders, approximately 65 inches high. The box is held reasonably close to his body (use best case of 10 inches). The shape of the box is good, but there are no cut-outs or handles for the hands, so the hand-to-container coupling classification is fair. The worker is performing the lift with no asymmetry or assume 0 degrees of asymmetry. The worker handles approximately 4 boxes per minute and is lifting these 50 pound boxes throughout his eight hour shift.

With these conditions, calculate the recommended weight limit (RWL) at the origin and at the destination. Then, calculate the lifting index (LI) at the origin and at the destination. Complete the NIOSH worksheet, complete the values and SHOW YOUR WORK AND HOW YOU ARRIVED AT THESE VALUES on the worksheet. Scan the worksheet to submit if necessary. What do these LI values indicate about the potential hazard of the task? Indicate your answer on the bottom of the worksheet.

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