Personal Statement

REQUIREMENTS FROM THE INSTITUTION ABOUT THE ESSAY: Write a personal statement of approximately 500 words. In a self appraisal, identify your strengths and how you believe they will serve as an asset to the academic program. Additionally, identify any area of weakness that you hope to strengthen while in your academic studies. Finally, discuss what personal characteristics set you apart from others and will help you achieve success in your academic and professional goals.
About myself:
I have a master degree Public Administration from a foreign country. But I have been working in the Healthcare sector both as a personal caregiver medicine Aide while advancing my academic pursuit. But I want to put my experience into more use in this field of healthcare. I have completed all my prerequisites to qualify me for this program. Though, I have tried to do program in the past, I couldn’t go on due to the sudden illness of my wife. But I have put everything behind me now and ready to bring my dream of becoming a Registered Nurse into logical conclusion.

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