PHR Assignment

Write a 3 page (three complete pages) paper about EHR and PHR. In your paper:

1. Compare and contrast the EHR and PHR with respect to format, content, privacy, accessibility, and legal considerations.

2. Explain what the specific benefits of the PHR are for the patient and for the health care provider or organization.

3. Describe the cons of a PHR for patients and health care providers.

4. Describe current security and privacy issues related to PHRs.

Define all acronyms before using or you will lose points! Use the website mentioned in the lesson and at least two other peer reviewed sources for your paper. Make sure you write this as a narrative paper, and do not number it 1, 2, 3, etc.

20 points for content: adequate responses to all questions
5 points for overall structure
5 for use of writing guidelines

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