Reflect and Refraction

You will be required to chose 2 topics from the ones listed below
When you submit your lab report remember to put your name on it
2. Introduction
One paragraph explaining the purpose of the lab
3. Materials
Listed for below for each topic
4. Methods
Describe the steps you completed/will complete.
Use the discussion forums to ask/answer questions about this.
5. Data
Usually presented in some sort of table
Don’t forget the units (S.I.)!
6. Results
Discuss your results and how they compare with with the tabulated values
7. Analysis
Discuss your accuracy and methods to improve it.
8. Conclusion

LAB TOPICS: You are required to complete 2 topics, the deadline for submission of both lab reports will be the end of Week 7 (July 17

1. The Simple Pendulum
Description: use the period of the simple pendulum to calculate the gravitational acceleration g and compare your results to the known value
– Stop watch
– String
– Mass

2. Measurements of Specific Heat
Description: determine the specific heat for different materials and compare with the known values.
– Kitchen scale
– Styrofoam cups
– Thermometer (something like this)
– Specific heat set (click here to see an example)
– a double styrofoam cup fitted with plastic lid is a very effective calorimeter

3. Resistance measurements
Description: Verify the formula for multiple resistor connected in series and in parallel
– Multimeter. Most of them can measure ohms nowadays but make sure you double check that… For example, this one is going to get the job done without being too expensive.
– Resistor set. Make sure you do NOT order the surface mountable kind but rather something like these

4. Reflection and Refraction
Description: experimentally check the validity of the two laws
– Laser pointer (any will do)
– Protractor (just google protractor and print it)
– Acrylic block. Either check your local Arts and Crafts store or go online and look for something like this one. Just make sure it has flat edges
– Small mirror

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