Role of listening skills in effective counselling

Assessment Description:Essay: Students are required to write a reflective essay evaluating the role of listening skills in effective counselling and psychotherapy.

Assessment Marking Matrix:

Max. in category

Your points
Word count, readability, and structure.
Number and choice of appropriate references. 20/100
In-text references and reference list (Achieving fewer than 5 points in this category will limit the mark for this assessment to a High Pass = 64/100). 10/100
Answering the question and responding to the topic. 30/100

Links to theories and concepts.

mark 100/100

Notes for Essays: Students must attempt all tasks in the unit to be eligible to pass the unit.
This essay will incorporate a formal introduction, main points and conclusion; as this is an essay, the introduction and conclusion, as well as individual paragraphs addressing different issues should not be flagged with subheadings, but incorporated in the essay. The work must be fully referenced with in-text citations and a reference list at the end.

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