Strategic direction-setting on BreadTalk

Please write an Essay on “Strategic direction-setting on BreadTalk”
Please include all the info given on page 1 & 2.
Word limits – min 500words to max 550 words
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What is it?
Is it clearly articulated?
Does your organisation “live” the vision?

What is it?
Is it clearly articulated?
Does your organisation live up to the mission?

Strategic objectives
To address the question of your organisation’s strategic objectives, use stakeholder theory to identify the definitive, dominant and other stakeholders, and their demands. In particular, you MUST present and discuss a stakeholder analysis table (see next page for an example of the table). This stakeholder analysis table MUST appear in the BODY of the report and NOT in the appendices.
Once the stakeholder analysis table have been presented, this section of the report should then briefly discuss the following questions: What are the strategic objectives of your organisation? Which stakeholder demands are these strategic objectives intended to address and satisfy?
Do the strategic objectives of your organisation align with, and address, the demands of these stakeholders? What do you conclude if stakeholder demands and strategic objectives align?
If they do not align, is there a significant issue emerging for your organisation?

Conclusion on strategic directions:
What do you conclude if your organisation spells out and pursues vision, mission and strategic objectives that are clearly directed at meeting the needs of legitimate stakeholders? What do you conclude if there is evidence of misalignment?


Please write briefly the info listed below :

Summary of strategic objectives identified using
stakeholder analysis.

Stakeholder Salience Stakeholder demands/ needs Strategic objective(s) to address
that must be satisfied stakeholder demands/ needs

Shareholders Definitive?
Customers Dominant?
Employees Dominant?
Suppliers Dominant?
Financiers Dominant?
Environment Dominant?
Advisors Discretionary?
Government Dormant?
Unions Discretionary?
Community Discretionary?

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