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WRITING ASSIGNMENT 1: Summary of a Concept Analysis

GOAL: The goal of this writing assignment is to help the student develop skills in summary writing, which is a basic form of scholarly writing that is fundamental to more advanced forms of scholarly writing.
PURPOSE: The purpose of this brief, scholarly writing assignment is to (a) engage the student in an exercise to develop skills in summary writing and (b) to familiarize the student with the procedures of concept analysis, which is both a research method and a form of theory construction, or theory building. Concepts are the basic building blocks of theories. One way to begin to develop theory in little known or poorly understood areas of practice is to identity a relevant concept and ‘get inside it’ and ‘flesh it out’ with a concept analysis. In this assignment, the student will summarize a research article that reports the findings of an analysis of the concept of chronic sorrow. The procedural steps of concept analysis are exemplified in this research article.
CRITERIA: Criteria outline what the writer needs to demonstrate in the assignment in order to minimally fulfill it (grade C). In order to move above the C-level, writers demonstrate superiority in several or all of the individual criteria.
• Read Lindgren et al. (1992). Chronic sorrow: A lifespan concept. Scholarly Inquiry for Nursing Practice, 6(1), 27-40. • [Concept analysis is a type of qualitative research. Lindgren et al. (1992) have done a concept analysis.] • Read chapter 10 of Walker & Avant (2011) for background information on the procedures/steps of concept analysis. • [This required reading is essential for completing the Summary of a Concept Analysis.] • Describe the authors’ (Lindgren et al.’s) purpose for the concept analysis. • Identify the existing uses of the concept of chronic sorrow. • State the defining characteristics of the concept of chronic sorrow. • Identify relevant borderline, related, contrary, invented, or illegitimate cases of the concept of chronic sorrow. • Identify antecedents and consequences of the concept of chronic sorrow. • Identify and list the empirical referents of the concept of chronic sorrow. • Proper APA format with respect to title page, pagination, margins, doublespacing, citations, references, headings, etc. • Relative freedom from errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. • Page length is limited to 2 – 3 pages, excluding title page and references.
Due Date:
Tips for a Better Grade:
• Use your APA manual and strictly follow its guidelines. • Meet all the assignment criteria as spelled out in the assignment instructions. • Use your very best thinking and writing skills. • Rewrite, redraft, proofread, and proofread again, more carefully. • Commit to eliminating every last typo in your final submission. •

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