Sustaining Operational Performance (CW2)

ASSIGNMENT 2 Due date: Friday 14th Aug 2016 by 5pmInstructions: Guidance Notes for the Assignment The coursework should be in essay format and must be structured, with separate sections and,

preferably, headings. Your essay should be 1600 – 2000 of your own words, it should be word processed and you must keep a copy. Your essay should be submitted by the due date by upload to

Turnitin.State the word count at the end – this can be found on the ‘Tools’ tab on the menu bar in word. This word limit will require you to be selective in what you include. More marks are

available for your own discussion and observations than for sections taken from books or websites. There are many texts which cover the theoretical aspects of this topic area. Your reference list

should indicate that you have considered a number of these sources. Much of your source material may be more recent but you still must reference the newspaper, journal or website. Any material that

you quote or refer to in your work must be referenced fully giving details of its source, author etc. It is not sufficient merely to include a source
in your end reference list, neither is it permissible to just use the name of a website on its own.
It is not acceptable to include large sections from such sources: the vast majority of the essay should be in your own words and referenced appropriately.
Assessment Criteria for the Module Assignment
Below is a schedule, which is used as the basis for marking your assignment in SOP. This will help you to judge what you need to do to achieve any given grade range.
D2-D5 a poor assignment, the student has not answered the assignment properly. There may be a number of errors including insufficient explanation of the theory, and a limited ability to interpret

the ideas to practical situations. a weak assignment, the student shows partial understanding of the issues but possibly combined with errors and/or insufficient or unclear explanation of the key

points. There is limited interpretation of the issues in relation to the real world. a satisfactory assignment, with most of the key points correctly stated, the student demonstrates an ability to

interpret at least some of the issues and makes a reasonable attempt at explaining the theoretical concepts. a good assignment with minimal errors. Demonstrates an understanding of the key issues

and is thorough in its analysis of the issues and theoretical concepts. The student shows some evidence of critical and analytical ability. a very good assignment which is well written and

explained. It will demonstrate a clear understanding of the issues, using a high level of critical and analytical ability. an excellent assignment, which is sophisticated in its approach while

being correct in every particular detail. Extremely high level of critical ability is demonstrated with original thought being evident. if you receive ACO on your feedback sheet instead of a grade

then your are suspected of academic misconduct (e.g. plagiarism) and your work has been referred to the Academic Conduct Officer for investigation.
You are a financial consultant and your company has been asked to help with the following queries from a client who is considering investing in MDM plc, a medium sized quoted company.
a)Which ratios should the client use if he wanted to assess the profitability ofthe company? (Guide approx. 500 words) (20%)
b)Which ratios should the client use if he wanted to assess the riskiness of thecompany? (Guide approx. 500 words) (20%)
c)Your client knows that MDM are considering a project which will cost €200million. Advise the client on the different possible ways of financing thisproject, clearly explaining the benefits or

otherwise of each method.
(Guide approx. 1000 words) (40%)
The balance of the grade will come from the presentation and the use of proper referencing both in the text and reference list.
A copy of the marking criteria is shown on the next page.

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