Technological Transformations

Your final exam paper is similar to your midterm paper and will be on the same topic, (your chosen group) in which you trace the technological transformations in their lives and the changes in how they see the universe, only you will use your readings from weeks 5-8 as your sources. You may supplement these readings with SCHOLARLY sources if you wish but ONLY AS A SUPPLEMENT: YOU MUST USE THE ASSIGNED READINGS. Your final essay will allow you to demonstrate your mastery of Course Goals 1 & 2:

Accurately and effectively communicate ideas, information, arguments, and messages to present material in a historical context.
Investigate and evaluate historical information from global, social, and ethical perspectives to guide decision making.

The final exam paper is similar to the midterm paper, I believe the professor just wants us to expand on the ideas from the midterm paper. Our professor would like for us to use the readings that I have uploaded as references. Note, these readings are different than the readings from the first paper.

Notes from my professor regarding the first paper: Please try to integrate a thesis statement in the first paragraph. This is crucial towards the grade. Also, try to avoid language that is vague or imprecise. I will upload the first paper that has my professors notes as guidance for this final assignment. Thank you for all of your outstanding work! If you have any questions or concerns please let me know

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