Ways to prevent Social Media Bullying

Paper details:
In an essay that is 6-7 pages long, you might have the following.
Section 1: Introduce and develop the problem – this might take a few paragraphs but no more than 2-3.

Section 2: Present your proposed solution – this is the longest section of the essay and might have 3-4 paragraphs. You’ll need to talk about what your solution is, why it’s the best, how it will work, whom it will affect (benefits), and more. You’ll also need to use your sources well here. Don’t rely solely on quotes. Use paraphrase and summary as well.

Section 3: Justify your solution with reasons: This solution is best because… For every reason, you’ll have a paragraph with support (I would say 3-ish here). Support means not only your opinion but outside evidence to support you or back you up.

Section 4: Respond to objections: Who will disagree with your solution? What will they say? Offer some support for that as well, but refute those ideas, too. You might have a 2 paragraphs here, more if the topic is controversial.

Section 5: Conclusion – This is the “so what?” section. What are the implications of not acting on your solution? What does all of this (your work) mean? I’d say 1-2 is enough depending on the complexity of the subject matter.

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