Week Four: Discussion and Reflection Blog

Please discuss your experience with your organization and your experience working on your deliverables in terms of this week’s readings and multimedia. (The deliverables include progress on your HRD or WD evaluation plan, which is also the main assignment of this course.)

In describing your experience, please answer the following questions:
1.What was your interaction with your organization like?
2.How did this week’s topic relate to your progress toward completing your project?
3.What was the significance of your experience this week?
4.What learning occurred for you in this experience?

Your first post is due by Thursday and your concluding post is due by Saturday. Your concluding post should move the discussion forward, by briefly summarizing the post you are replying to and sharing your perspective and new knowledge. Perhaps end that post with a question to spawn further discussion, which is not required. Please use white space, tables, and bullets for ease of reading.

This assignment reflects Order # 81696802.

You MUST use APA guidelines

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