What is media violence and why is it considered a problem?

read the introduction do not use hard words use easy words. What is media violence and why is it considered a problem? The first part of this assessment requires you to examine the issue of media violence and illustrate an understanding of how it influences behaviour. In researching the question you consider the following questions (these questions are to help you to think about the topic and do not constitute a prescribed structure for your review):
• What role do media play in contemporary life? How much of media content is violent in nature?
• What are the “risk” factors that contribute to the influence of media violence on our behaviour? For example: different media (TV and movie violence versus video game violence); timing of exposure, and; level of exposure.
READINGS FOR ASSIGNM ENT 1 A You MUST use ALL of the following readings for Assessment 1A:

• Anderson, CA 2004, Violence in the media: its effects on children, presentation for the Victorian Parenting Centre & Young Media Australia: Issues in Parenting Education , September 11, 2003.

• Myers, DG and Denson, T 2016 ‘Aggression: hurting others’, in T Griffin (ed), 101557: The individual in society , 3rd edn, McGraw-Hill Australia: North Ryde, pp. 251–262.

• Nauert, R 2012, ‘Negative effects of violent video games may build over time’, Psych Central. Retrieved on 4 June 2014, from http://psychcentral.com/news/2012/12/11/negative-effects-of-violent-videogames-may-build-over-time/48918.html.

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