A television example that exemplifies the term

proper formatting = listing out the different parts of each answer as a., b., c., d. (up to 1 point).

Read the article
term below, please answer:


a) The author who wrote about “SLUMPY”.

b) The meaning of the term, as it pertains to the topics covered in this course. (You should plan on writing at least a few sentences to adequately explain the definition of the term.)

c) A television example that exemplifies the term. (You only need to write about one example: a television show OR episode, OR character, OR plotline from a TV show, OR a block of shows, OR an entire network. You may give more than one example if you wish but only one is required. Please note that you must write about a television example, not a film example)

d) How the television example relates to, and illustrates, the term. (You should plan on writing 1 to 2 paragraphs—6 to 12 sentences at least—to explain how your example relates to the term.)

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