Privacy Policy is not only committed in providing you with superior services, but also keen on safeguarding the privacy of all our clients or any other visitor who would care to go through our website. Our policy statement therefore lets you know the kind of information that we may collect from you, how we handle and use your information, and the measures in place to guarantee our clients and visitors robust privacy that does not compromise on confidentiality of information.


What is our general policy statement on individual information?

At, we are guided by ethical standards and as part of fulfilling our ethical and professional obligation, we do not divulge any information, whatsoever, to any outside party. Any information and data collected about our clients and visitors are only used as per our company’s terms and conditions and this goes a long way in securing information privacy and confidentiality.


What sort of information or data do we gather from our clients and visitors?

One of our policies and objectives at is to provide our clients with the most suitable, satisfactory and complaint free services, and this needs continuous improvement on our part and useful feedback from our clients on how we can provide even better and more superior services. As such, time and again, we may collect information from our clients of various natures and regarding:


  • Client’s responses to our online surveys
  • Transactions between our company and our clients
  • Personal details such as user name, email address phone numbers
  • The frequency of your visit to our website


How is such information put into use?

The main reason why would collect such information is to enhance your experience when visiting our site. We are a fully independent company and no information is disclosed to outside parties. Thirds party agents whom our company has entrusted in assisting in the provision of better services to our clients have explicit agreements and are under oaths to use the information only as it pertains to our terms and conditions. Generally, information collected by our website will be used to:


  • Enhance your experience of our site and make our services more personalized
  • Promptly address your concerns and enquiries
  • Make continuous improvements to our website to make your browsing in our website speedy
  • To capture and Enable updating of your personal information from time to time


Do we guarantee information protection?

The answer is a big YES! We at take all necessary inexorable and strict measures to ensure that our clients’ information remains secret and privy only to our administrators who can use it for official purposes or for continued engagement with our esteemed clients.  Other unauthorized personnel have no access to our clients’ information and this minimizes the possibilities of a lax in confidentiality of our clients’ information.


Your payments are secure

Your payment details are further enhanced and made more secure through our acceptance of highly secure pay platforms including pay pal or skrill.


What happens to your completed answers and assignments?

At, we do not authorize the use of our clients’ assignment details and all essay and answers written for you remain yours alone, and never, under any circumstances, distributed to third party.


Our privacy position is to guarantee all our clients their much deserved privacy, confidentiality and secrecy of information by enforcing robust regulatory regimes.

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