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There is as nothing more telling about your personality than the way you write and present your college essay. At some instances, college essays matter even more than your grades because apart from your personality, they also illuminate your writing skills and send a strong message to admission officer of your college. A creative angle is mandatory, if your college essay is to make an impact among the admission committee and set you apart from other students with similar qualifications as your own. A numbers of colleges are choosy, and would expect you to submit a college essay that will be used in making decision about your impending admission to the college. Given the weight that college essays bear, it’s only too logical if substantial amount of time is spared for this uphill yet make-or-break work. It entails hours of careful though, writing and re writing, proof reading and editing and ensuring that no contradictions are recorded in the essay.  You need to make your essay captivating to the eyes of the admission boards, and you also need to demonstrate your ability to be thoughtful and unique.

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