You are going to review and analyze the financial statements of Johnson & Johnson and compare that to a publicly traded corporation. The list of companies to select from is outlined below. Please pick the publicly traded company assigned to your last name as instructed. You will also be using an Excel spreadsheet to perform these calculations (attached) The financial statements for Johnson & Johnson as well as your assigned publicly traded company are found on the same Excel spreadsheet.
Each student will use Company A: Johnson & Johnson and compare that company to a company found in the Company B list below.

1. use Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Project Requirements:

Based on your readings, use of technology, literature, and other sources, you will incorporate the following into your reports (do not simply list the question and provide an answer; incorporate the information into a well written report or presentation):

1. Go to the website to research the requirements of publicly traded companies relating to financial reporting. Research additional background information on the publicly traded corporation you selected (Company B) – when the corporation began in business, how it came to be, where the corporate headquarters are, where they do business, what their product/service line is, who they offer their product / service to, etc.

2,Perform the calculations listed on the Excel spreadsheet for both companies.

3. Explain your findings (using the website as well as other resources):
a: Does each company appear to be able to pay their current obligations? Why or why not?
b: How are the companies currently financed? This may be with common stock, preferred stock, bonds, leases, or any combination of them. Do you think the financing is appropriate for each company?
c: Which method of depreciation does the publicly traded company use?
d: For the publicly traded company explain how you would improve the distribution or product/service line and to whom you would offer it to, based on the financial health of the company. Stating there are no improvements is not acceptable.
e: Do they have a code of ethics?
f: Which company do you think would be the better investment and why?


1. 1 page report for part 1 above with background information on the publicly traded company you selected.

2. the Excel worksheet with the calculations discussed in part 2 above.

3. 1 page report for part 3 above explaining your findings as instructed.

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