Addressing the Spread of Infectious Disease

please read the me Three Epidemiological Models
Epidemiological Triangle

Web of Causation

The Wheel Model

Epidemiological Triangle
Epidemiological Triangle
Model used for many years
Three segments
Host: degree that a person is able to adapt to stressors
Agent: biological, chemical, or physical
Environment: influences probability of contact between host and agent
Implies that each segment must be analyzed and understood in order to predict a disease

Web of Causation
Web of Causation
Effects never depend on single isolated causes
Web develops as a result of chains of causation
Each link is the result of a complex genealogy

The Wheel Model
Consists of a hub (host or human) that has genetic makeup as its core
Surrounding host is the environment
Implies a need to identify multiple etiological factors of disease without emphasizing the agent of disease

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