Advertisement: Analyzing visual argument

check the instruction for the research paper below:Please write a research paper (4-page minimum) and submit online. Your research paper will have a Works Cited that will not be part of the page count. (4 pages + Works Cited = 5 pages total). You must have at least three sources from reputable sites. Works Cited must be in MLA 7th edition format.

Topics: Visual Media Analysis on an advertisement or painting.

Please see the chapter in The West Guide on ANALYZING VISUAL MEDIA for complete instructions. Also, read the sample papers in the book and the modules.

For your final paper, I am asking you to choose your own ad or painting, or an ad spoof from (or another ad of your choosing). Follow the link from the module. You will then write an analysis of this ad using the checklist I have attached in the Checklist module section.

1. Choose ad. In choosing your ad you must be familiar with the original ad
that is being spoofed or made fun of so that you understand the joke and how
to explain it.

2. Pay particular attention to the West Guide Chapter “Analyzing Visual Arguments” including the sample student paper at the end for an example of how to argue your paper.

a. Use one of the Seven Introduction Strategies described on pp. 189-195 of The West Guide.
THEN: Start with a brief physical description of the ad and what we’re looking
at.(Pretend I can’t see it and am unfamiliar with the ad).

b. Quickly get to the “thesis” of the ad. What information is being presented
and what point is the artist/advertiser trying to make? What visual elements
of the ad (and any text) are there and how do they help make the point? Who is
the intended target audience?

c. How does the ad compare to the original?

d. Is this a successful argument? Has the ad maker convinced you of his or her
thesis/point? Would it be convincing to its target audience?

e. Review my checklist so that you haven’t forgotten to discuss any elements.

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