airplane turbine

The purpose of this paper is to do research and to create a state of art report on the ………… to fulfill the formal report requirement for EGR 3350. Also, I will complete and present a technical briefing PowerPoint presentation based on my findings to complete the technical briefing presentation requirement for EGR 3350.
(Describe the topic here by the information based on the five sources that I gave you and put some information in the work cited.)
(Write about what you will focus on here and you can put one image if you want )
(what the paper will look at first. What it will look at second here)

The final report will have important information on ………… that allow for reader to have information on ……………… . This report will meet all the formal report requirements of EGR 3350.

Statement of Work
The following tasks will be completed to finish the report:
Task 1: Study information on ……………… (3 hours)
Task 2: Research the ……………………… (2 hours)
Task 3: Review papers over the airplane turbine (2 hours)
Task 4: Create and present a PowerPoint presentation for the class technical briefing. (2 hours)
Task 5: Write a formal report document that meets EGR 3350 requirements and turn it in via the Wright State Pilot site. (8 hours)

( see the sample please for this )

Facilities and Equipment
( see the sample please for this )

As stated in the Statement of Work, 15 hours of labor will be required for all tasks with a personnel pay rate of $30.76/hour. Approximately 30 miles will need to be traveled to and from Wright State University for the technical briefing presentation and the physical delivery of the final paper. The EGR 3350 course is 3 credit hours in total. The total cost breakdown is displayed in Table 1.

( create a table here like the following and estimate the numbers)
Table 1: Project Cost Breakdown
Labor: 15 hours @ $24.85/hour = $372.75
Travel: 16 miles @ $0.99/mile = $15.84
Course: 3 hours @ $394/hour = $1182.00
Total Cost: = $1570.59

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