American Politics: Final Project Milestone Three, Rough Draft of Final Product


July 10, 2016

The main objective of this paper is to provide a comprehensive research paper that will discuss the history of abortion laws and pertinent court cases. The following are the topics that the research paper will discuss;
The Outline
1. Introduction
2. History
a. The Emergence of anti-abortion legislation
b. Pre-Roe Precedents
c. Roe v. Wade
i. Doe v. Bolton
ii. Jane Judicial Decisions
3. The current legal status about abortion in the United States
a. The Federal Legislation
b. The State by State Legislation
4. Abortion Statistics
a. The Sum of Abortion Cases in America
b. The Medical Abortions
c. Religion and Abortion
d. Abortion and Ethnicity
e. The trend in abortion cases and who are having the highest cases of abortion
5. The public opinion on abortion
a. By sex, age and region
b. Partial Birth Abortion
c. By reasons
6. Financing Abortion
a. Medicaid
b. Private financing
7. Arguments for and against abortion in the United States
8. Effects of making abortion legal
9. How Abortion is currently addressed
a. Why and when people have abortion
b. Ways to reduce abortion in the United States
c. What are the effects of abortion to the society
d. How does abortion affect United States as a country
10. Recommendations
11. Conclusion
12. References

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