You are a nutritionist at your local health department and have been asked to create a brochure on a particular foodborne illness (see below for foodborne illness Assignment). The brochure should be designed for an adult public audience to be distributed at your local community health fair. Do not presume that your audience has any food safety or scientific knowledge, so please keep the concepts simple and do not use jargon. In this brochure, you need to discuss the following related to your assigned foodborne illness:

The characteristics of the foodborne illness.
How the foodborne illness is transmitted.
Foods commonly linked with the foodborne illness.
Identify the common symptoms.
What are the preventive measures?
Foodborne illnesses will be assigned as followeds

Trifold double sided format.
Include graphics to make the brochure creative and informative.
Use at least three academically accepted references (Wikipedia is not considered an authoritative source).
Correct grammar, sentence structure and word usage. No jargon

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