Balance to Bizarre

From Balance to Bizarre

This essay assignment will help you better understand the dramatic contrast between Renaissance style and Mannerism in 16th century Italy. The essay consists of a

style comparison between Raphael’s Small Cowper Madonna (illustration 21-7 in the text) and Parmigianino’s Madonna with the Long Neck (illustration 21-31).

Structure your essay in the following manner:
•As always, introduce each work providing artist, title, date(s), medium, location and owner..
•Provide an explanation of the subjects. This can be brief because the focus of your essay will be on style qualities..
•Compare and contrast the two Madonnas for style qualities to show in what ways Renaissance ideas were altered. Consider aspects such as naturalism, recession of

space, compositional differences, and the overall mood conveyed. What contributes to the bizarre look of the Parmigianino? Be sure to describe specific details to

illustrate your general points for each painting..
•A brief background on the artists’ interests or the historic context of each piece would serve to conclude the essay. What, specifically, may have contributed to the

look of these works?.

Some research will be necessary to gain a complete understanding of these works. Be sure to cite your sources within the text and provide a reference page at the end

of your essay.

Essay writing requirements:
1.Double space.
2.Write 500+ words
*** Use the following links to view illustrations: (


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