Beyond the Classroom

Watch all 49 Web links on the McGraw student web site Beyond the Classroom and write a brief (several sentences) about each one. —I recently previewed the 49 Links from the publisher and found that 8 of those links are no longer active. If you wish to do this assignment as one of your papers (really interesting stuff on these various sites) briefly review the links then add a brief research search and report on the topic which was mentioned in those 8 links which didn’t “link” e.g. “Yanomamo” didn’t link – but there are lots of articles about these people. Just briefly report on the open ones and add additional information on one of the closed sites.

The assigned papers are to be written at the college level (American Standard English) Double spaced 12 font. 2. The essay/paper is to be NO LESS than 600 words, or 5 or more pages not including cover, abstract and references. More is much better!. 3. Assignment is to be submitted online through the Dropbox link on the class home page!!! 4. You must use at least three (3) outside sources (more is better) and the class textbook. 5. Citations are to be in the APA (in-text) format. 6. There is to be an APA formatted Reference page 7. DO NOT USE WIKIPEDIA!!! IT IS NOT A RELIABLE OR REPUTABLE ACADEMIC SOURCE!!! The paper topics are as follows. You may pick TWO of those topics to write about. Grading Rubric will be used and plagiarism detection. Supported with text or outside source citations. Related essay writings to the concepts and theories discussed in the textbook. Make connections absolutely clear!!! Use specific citations for clarity from text or Galileo site. Used correct grammar, spelling and APA format for citations. The APA style help can be found: This is a wonderful resource. Please use it

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