Book review/Application of

book review of Trust matters: Leadership for successful schools by Megan Tschannen-Moran.
Length of paper is 3 pages. Paper is scholarly and is not just a summary. Student writes completely, communicating with precision and with appropriate references. Focus is on the book contents and student relates to the material and synthesizes its practicality. Learning and knowledge is evident, and there is an exceptional educative flow to the reflection. APA is correct and appropriate.
Part 1 Why trust matters? What is trust?
Student details information about the foundation of trust, and they differentiate between meaning well, doing well, trust and schools. Student not only specifically defines trust and reflects on the definition of trust, but thoroughly discusses the trust hierarchy and how to put trust into action

Part 2 Cultivating Trust
Student details the concept of initial trust, and factors that influence developing trust. The notions of Authentic and optimal trust are discussed and related to the principalship or school administration practices. Student connects current or future practices to the importance of trust.

Part 3 Betrayal and Revenge

Student discusses in detail the anatomy of a betrayal, the debilitating culture of distrust, the role and understanding of the overzealous reformer. Student gives a thorough understanding of the culture of control and gives concrete examples including current and future practice examples to denote understanding.

Part 4 Teachers Trusting One Another and Fostering Trust with Students and Parents

Student reflects on and discusses how leaders need to earn the trust of parents and students while simultaneously modeling and directing teachers on how to facilitate trust with students

Part 5 Restoring Trust

Student discusses in detail the notion of how a leader repairs broken trust and discusses factors that facilitates restoring trust and makes current and applicable examples to real practice

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