Business Environment and Strategic Management

Business sectors are undergoing profound transformations. Making investment choices has never been so challenging. With increased volatility and intensifying skills shortages, companies can no longer win across an ever-broadening spectrum of operating environments.
Few companies have the strategic capabilities required for activities that can range from exploring and research, all the way through to development and/or production of both resources and/or products.
Therefore, companies need to focus on a small number of differentiating capabilities that will allow them to outcompete their peers.
Moreover, they need to reorient their portfolio and investment decisions around these differentiating capabilities – A capabilities-driven strategic approach to winning.

Assignment Task:
You have been appointed to a senior management position with a MAJOR FIRM (of your choice,). You are aware that the firm lacks an understanding in the benefits of utilising its capabilities. Therefore, for this project your task is to write a report to the board on the need to focus on differentiating capabilities that will allow them to create competitive advantage.
For your firm you are to:

Section 1:
-Small intro about the company of choice
-The Business Enviroment (def , and importance )
-PESTEL analysis , then apply it the company of choice.
– Critically analyse how useful the Resource Based View (RBV) of the firm to managers in your chosen company & sector.
– Importance of RBV in the chosen company and how it effects it.

Section 2:
? Critically discuss, the importance of a capabilities driven strategy in the your chosen sector.

Section 3:
? Finally, make recommendations on the future direction of the firm, with regards to its strategic capabilities.and with regards the PESTEL analysis made .

*You are also required to provide an Executive Summary (c200 words maximum, not included in the word count) which should briefly encapsulate your whole assignment.

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