Business Law

Business Law
Assignment Task:

2,500 word Written Report.
(i) The relationship between employer and employee is governed by the contract of service. Although this is valid without writing, an employer is required by the

Employment Rights Act 1996 (ERA 1996) to provide employees with a written statement of terms. Explain:
• The sources of the terms of the employment contract
• The common law duties of the employee
• The common law duties of the employer

Total: 33% of the marks for the report

(ii) Employers have a duty to ensure that their employment practices comply with the law. The Equality Act 2010 (EA 2010) aims to harmonise law relating to

discrimination. Explain the following:
1) The scope and structure of the EA 2010

2) What are the different types of discrimination covered by the EA 2010

3) What action employers must take to ensure compliance with the EA 2010
Total: 33% of the marks for the report

(iii) (a) Identify and explain the main sources of European Union (EU) Law.
(b) Explain the following directives and how they impact on the function of businesses in the UK:
• Directive 92/85/EC
• Directive 2000/78/EC


Outline and explain the contents of employment contracts and the legal liabilities of managers and directors.
Demonstrate the ways in which European Union law affects the conduct of business in the United Kingdom.

Identify and explain the main sources of law affecting businesses and policies relating to customers, related companies and employment.

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