Case Project 8-1: Securing an Older Linux OS

After conducting footprinting and using social-engineering techniques on the Alexander Rocco network, you have determined that the company is running several applications on Linux computers. You also discover that the payroll system runs on several Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 (RHEL 3) servers. You need to ensure that this version will be supported with patches from the vendor until the new payroll system is installed in 2011. Based on this information, write a brief report stating whether the systems can be secured until they’re replaced in 2011, and include recommendations for securing these systems.

After you are done with writing the memo. I want you to answer the following questions.
1- Many argue that Windows systems only appear to be the most vulnerable systems because they have more of the market share. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why?
2- SCADA systems are used for critical infrastructure systems. Research various applications of SCADA systems today. Can you find a SCADA system that has been damaged? If so, what were the consequences?
NOTE: Don’t include the question in the memo. Just answer it by itself separately from the memo

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