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7- Answer the following questions: How comfortable are you when faced with conflict? What can you do to become more comfortable and skilled at dealing with conflict?

8- Describe a situation where you have seen political actions impact an organization or a group positively or negatively. (This does not refer to Democratic or Republican politics, but politics within a specific organization or group.) Make suggestions re: how this group can attempt to control negative political behaviors.

9- Identify a situation where you have observed effective or ineffective leadership and explain how the situation or the individual’s performance could have been improved

10- Explain: How do you think that a school’s organizational culture affects the performance and behavior of students at that school? Give an example of a situation where the culture of a school has impacted your own or someone else’s performance.

11- Give an example of how a difference in organizational design may affect employees. How does a firm’s design affect how employees are evaluated or what tasks they are expected to do?

12- Looking ahead ten years in your own future, what type of change is most likely to affect you and why? How can you prepare for this change?

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