Children have better eidetic imagery than adults,

*The citation MUST be obtained through the Internet using search engines provided online such as “Google Scholar.” *The citation will follow an APA format as closely as possible, including the URL information. *Included in the citation will be a paragraph which addresses the following questions related to, for the purpose of this exercise, the voracity of the Website:
1. Is the site owner/manager’s identity available and is it associated with a reputable organization, company or educational institution?
2. What is the background (authority) of the author (viz., degree and type of education, affiliated institution, history of research in the area as perhaps reflected by past articles in the bibliography)
3. What is the level of objectivity? For example, are there advertisements on the site related in anyway to the topic?
4. Is the Website current? Cues to the contrary, for example, include broken or expired links and/or no posting date or updated notations.
5. Is the information correct; error free, verifiable, and/or backed by full citations?

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