What should I include within my Case Study report?
Within your Case Study report you’ll be expected to identify the issues within a fictional organisation, the main problems that caused them and provide HR solutions.
Further hints and tips on completing your Case Study can be found in the Experience Assessment guidance pack.
What is the word limit for my Case Study report?
At Associate level the word count is 2500.
At Chartered Member and Chartered Fellow level your word count should be between 2500 and 5000 words.
Please do not go over the maximum word limit. This includes any charts, graphs or tables you may use.
How should I approach the Case Study if I’m a specialist?
If you are a specialist you should take a broad perspective to firstly identify the wider HR issues, but can subsequently focus on the issues related to your area(s) of expertise. Proposed actions should be clear and wide-ranging and take into account the knock-on effects of the actions in other areas of the business.
How long have I got to compile my Case Study report?
Case Study exercise together with the guidance is available to view. Please note that you have 14 days from this date to complete your Case Study.
What format should I use for my Case Study report?
Write your answer as a business report in either Word or PDF format. There’s no specific template required, so use headings, tables, charts and bullet points as you see fit.
Can I submit multiple documents as part of my Case Study response?
You cannot submit multiple documents so your report will need to be one document.
How do I submit my Case Study report?
Once you’ve completed your report you’ll need to upload it and submit it via the Experience Assessment online tool.

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