Comm Bus 3.3 Memo


The stages and goals of effective message communication provide a great roadmap to producing business communications that can get results. Planning, drafting, and reviewing do not guarantee results, but adopting these habits can help you improve and refine your written communication skills.

AIM planning process that focuses on three areas to deliver influential messages:

Audience analysis
Idea development
Message structuring

The AIM planning process can be used to help with many different types of business correspondence. In this assignment you will use it to develop a business memo.


Audience analysis is the first of three steps in the AIM planning process. In this step, you consider the needs, priorities, and values of your audience.

In this assignment, you will use the AIM planning process to develop a business memo to your own organization to justify the adoption of one of the following programs:
A copay exercise facility
A daycare facility for employee’s children
Free employee parking
A company-wide picnic
Job sharing opportunities
Employee volunteer activities during work hours.
Working at home once a week

Develop a two-page business memo that demonstrates clear, insightful critical thinking in the application of the AIM method of communication.

Your business memo should follow the general guidelines of business writing; however, there are certain formatting procedures to consider, as the materials should be concise and easy to read.

To review the essentials of memo writing, including formatting and a sample memo, visit the Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) website at: Type “memos” into the “Search the OWL” field to access the resource for writing memos.

Use the OWL guidelines and ensure that your memo includes the following elements:
Opening, context, and task
Summary, discussion segment
Closing segment, any necessary attachments

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