Community Services – Analyse Client Information for Service Planning and Delivery

Tiana is a 35 year old single mother of a young son. She has been identified as having autism.
1. Conduct some research and describe how autism might impact on Tiana’s social and cognitive development, and how such a developmental status might increase her needs.
2. Analyse Tiana’s information in relation to planning services to assist Tiana at home. Give a list of services that could be utilised to meet Tiana’s needs. Indicate why these services would benefit Tiana.
3. During an assessment of cognitive development using Piaget’s model, it was noted that Tiana was able to think logically, but she often needed concrete objects to do so. Socially it was observed by those working with her, that she showed little interest in others and avoided eye contact. However, it was also noted that she showed a sense of pride in her accomplishments and abilities. Analyse this information to identify specific development issues for Tiana. (HINT: think of her cognitive stage according to Piaget and psychosocial stage according to Erikson)
4. Tiana dislikes being treated as a child. Using researched information identify the likely impact of interventions to assist Tiana with the care of her baby, and with social, personal care support.
5. Tiana has type 1 diabetes which can cause hypoglycaemia if her blood sugar levels fall (usually if she skips a meal, exercises heavily or takes too much insulin. How might you take this information into consideration (as a contraindication) when planning service delivery?
6. Complete a Diabetes Action Plan for Tiana (use the provided template).
7. You visited Tiana today and she showed symptoms of hypoglycaemia. Create a current, complete, accurate and relevant record for this event.
8. To monitor the impact of services on Tiana, you ask her to provide feedback about the services she is accessing. During discussion with Tiana (as her senior worker) she reports that she really appreciates these support of all her care workers, but she does not enjoy the skills training with the psychologist. How might you respond within the scope of your own work role and organisation policies and procedures?
9. Explain how you would maintain records about Tiana.
10. Conduct some research to find the mini-mental state examination (MMSE) which is a tool that you might use when working with clients in a community services setting to assist in determining client status.
a) Briefly describe the tool
b) Explain how you would recognise normal readings and what scores would fall outside the normal range
You will also be marked on correct referencing
You must always acknowledge sources and quotations. Failure to do so is considered plagiarism. You MUST include a reference list at the end of your work.

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