Computing In Practice

You are required to design a prototype using a platform and/or tools of your choice. There are 15 different scenarios each one of which outlines a system to be prototyped. YOU MUST DEVELOP A PROTOTYPE FOR THIS SCENARIO AND NO OTHER. If you choose a different scenario, your work will not be marked. Please check very carefully the scenario that has been allocated to you. The scenario that you will be allocated has been described in broad terms only. You are free to decide upon the precise specification of the system that you will prototype. You should give due consideration to the actual functions that your system is to perform and the nature of the user interface.
You will submit via Moodle:
1. The Project report (a Word or PDF document, 1,000 words, excluding references and pictures), which will consist of the following main areas:
a. A specification and design
b. Evidence of project management
c. A discussion of legal, social and ethical issues
Chosen Scenario
A local hairdresser
The hairdresser will need to advertise his/her location, opening hours and prices for the various hairdressing services eg cuts, blow drying, perms etc. The system should enable customers to book appointments on-line with particular members of staff.

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